We have a lot in common, if you made it until here. You are looking for the beautiful, something with as high standard as you have. We want something greater, something very special for a one of a lifetime event! My life and my way of working are aligned with this goal. Aligned with the search for meaning and the deep search for beauty in moments - captured for a lifetime.

My name is Fabijan and I have been a wedding photographer for over a decade now on a national & international level and I get to accompany so many special events as well as people like you on an equally special, emotional journey. The thing that makes my passion so grand are those people who invite me on their unique celebration. I am happy to welcome you here and bid you a warm welcome!

My career began very early, maybe even before I was born. This might sound crazy but I believe that I was born with an assignment: To capture and cherish moments for a lifetime. Why am I saying this, you might ask and the answer is simple, yet a sad one. In the 90's my blessed parents got married before I was born. Back then film and video the big thing and they hired someone from an advertisement in the newspapers. The day came and even quicker came by.

Weeks after the wedding day they were told that the film camera had an issue and there was no tape in the videocamera. It was a shock and might still be one, since I do not have a single picture of my parents in their wedding attire, nor of the once in a lifetime celebration. It is a blank spot in our family's history. Now you definitely understand why I think, I was born to be what I am doing today. Years flown away and I started doing what I love: taking pictures, create memories and make a living out of my passion.

"I crave to create photos with a deeper story every day - photos without trend, but filled with soul and depth ... I want to capture the story, the feeling and the meaning that endures."

I always loved to capture beauty and save these moments in photographs. To remember these moments is my dedication to myself and I devoted myself to this task completely. At the early age of 17, I got the opportunity to accompany my very first big wedding and from that moment on I was in love. Literally in love. Before that day I wanted to learn everything about weddings and of course asked my parents about their "I do's". Hearing their story and that my parents went through something like this was devistating. My father made a great job of instructing me how important this particular choice I am making can be for other and how fragile I have to handle the process.

Nevertheless, this did not stop me I have found my vocation! I am in love with the love of weddings, people and capturing history in such a way that a piece of history becomes a legacy, yet remains modern and authentic. This family's story was the start of something great, my creative life, my journey & my passion. Since the very first wedding my way was clear: I want to be a photographer. I am more than happy that I founded my photography business in early 2011 and never to this date missed a day without creating something beauty.

I'm obsessed with creating art and learned from the best to evolve, started to perceive light differently and honed my style. When it comes to my look, I am very clear: light-filled moments, with a deeper meaning - without half-life, moments forever. authentic, intimate and modern. I want to capture more than a trend and developed a passion for authentic images. Capturing stories, love moments and feelings is what is ever present in my photography.

The last decade I have been privileged to document unique adventures and events all over Europe, like the tuscan sun or the northern lakes of Italy, the French, the Spanish or greek sun. I am proud to accompany extraordinary couples on their way to their big day and thus to experience unique love stories again and again. I am here for you, authentically capturing your emotions, whether it's an opulent celebration, a family reunion, or a wedding just the two of you.

I am completely dedicated to my art and hold each and every couple in the highest regard. Accompanying you makes me immensely proud and happy, because I get to live my dream: A dream that allows me to be creative, to freely implement my ideas and live out and make you, my couples, happy - for life.



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Fabijan Vuksic

An artistic visionary with his own ideas, with the courage to implement them and time passionate artist who knows how to express his love. He is always with the thoughts further, loves to create and explore the world.

Looking back on a decade of experience, Fabijan gathered impressions in fashion and wedding photography, which he is able to combine. Fabijan is known for artistic ease, authentically intimate moments that are modern and produces almost painterly pictorial works. He knows how to freeze moments and face the test of time.

Giving Back

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away"

- William Shakespeare

Save people in need with your festive event

We are extremely proud to donate a portion of our proceeds each year to special humanitarian projects in Europe and the world, so we can give back through your wedding. With every sale of artwork or a commission, a portion goes to helping people who are not as well off as we are to have a better life. Whether it is food, education or simply help, we have to build on the deep connection in the interpersonal that hunger, poverty and violence has no place in our world.

Furthermore I am a fighter for love and life; I am a supporter of all kinds of love and support different organizations of the LGBTQI+ community to show the world different ways of love!

together we do good!

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